Social Skills Lesson Plans for Children with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Lesson Plan Title (Sample)

Say Hello

Training Objective

The student will be able to say "hello" appropriately in response to a greeting.


Time for School™ Video and Photo CD-Rom


Print for each student the storyboard "say hello" which may be found on the photo CD-Rom accompanying the video. The storyboard illustrates with photos from the video and text the three parts of an appropriate greeting: Turn Your Body, Look, Say Hello.


We are going to say hello when someone says hello to us.

Sequence of Social Skills Activities
  1. Watch the video chapter "Say Hello".
  2. Say hello to each student one by one and prompt (as needed) turn your body, look, say hello.
  3. Once a student is able greet in response to an adult's greeting, pair students for practice with eachother. Seat students close to eachother and oriented toward eachother at first. Prompt non-responding student to initiate greeting.
  4. Over time and as students are successful in performing the targetted social skills, ie, responding appropriately, move students further apart or have one approach the other.
  5. Introduce novel situations such as greeting at the door and greeting at locations outside the classroom as students master the skill.
  1. Go over the photo handout given to each student.
  2. Discuss and have students tell the steps for how to say hello in response to being greeted.

Data collection on correct responses, including number and types of prompts.

Additional Resources

For additional resources to help in creating social skills lesson plans for children with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism using the videos, visit Laura Candler's Teaching Resources,

See also the Model Me Kids Club™ area for worksheets and activities.